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The initials CAFPE stand for Centro Andaluz de Física de Partículas Elementales, in English, Andalucian Center for Elementary Particle Physic. Our goals are these:

  • Encourage the formation of a complex of research excellence especially those oriented lines in particle physics research.
  • Participate with their facilities and personnel in interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with other research centers and companies in Andalucia.
  • Organize specialized courses and scientific meetings on matters within its competence.

Our lines of research are:

  • Basic theoretical and experimental science in the field of physics.
  • Particle Physics, Astroparticle and Nuclear.
  • Large accelerators and particle detectors.


The CAFPE is founded in 2000 when the Colaboration Agreement beetween the Education and Science Office of the Andalucian Government and Granada University is signed to grant its creation.


The organizational structure of the center currently consists of a Director and a charge for each participant from the University Research Equipment attached to it.


  • FQM-101: "Theoretical physics (elementary particles)" (University of Granada)
  • FQM-330: "High Energy Physics" (University of Granada)
  • FQM-370: "Molecular and subatomic physics" (University of Huelva)