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Seminario: Flavorful UV Instantons and the Strong CP Problem

Ponente: Kiel Howe, Fermilab

Lugar: Seminario

Fecha: 22/09/2016

Hora (24h): 17:00

We describe a new solution to the strong CP problem inspired by the massless up quark solution. At high energies, QCD is embedded in a SU(3)xSU(3)xSU(3) model, with each matter generation charged under a different site. Instanton effects are unsuppressed at the scale of Higgsing to the SM diagonal QCD, and a set of anomalous U(1)_PQ symmetries removes the low-energy strong CP phase. A non-zero theta parameter is generated at loop level near current bounds. Similar models can also lead to a heavy axion solution to the strong CP problem.