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Seminario: CMB vs Large Scale Structures : Tensions and Solutions

Ponente: Arindam Mazumdar, Physical Research Lab, Ahmedabad, India

Lugar: Seminario del depto Física Teórica y del Cosmos

Fecha: 14/06/2018

Hora (24h): 12:00

Primordial perturbations generated at the time of inflation is expected to produce the fluctuations in CMB as well as the large scale structures(LSS) of the universe. Standard LambdaCDM theory is expected to describe these CMB observations and LSS observations under a single theoretical framework. However,some recent observations have pointed out some tensions between these two types of observations under LambdaCDM theory. In this talk I will cover some earlier attempts to resolve these tensions.Then I will describe our attempt with dissipative dark matter fluid on large scales in resolving the problems.