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Seminario: Black holes: problems and solutions

Ponente: Bert Vercnocke, CEA, Paris, France

Lugar: Sala de Seminarios, Departamento Física Teórica y del Cosmos (UGR)

Fecha: 23/10/2012

Hora (24h): 16:00

Black holes are intriguing objects that appear as classical solutions to General Relativity. When GR is coupled to quantum fields, black holes are even more mysterious: Hawking showed forty years ago that black holes radiate and have a temperature and an entropy. In its most direct interpretation, Hawking radiation also leads to the infamous information paradox. In this seminar, I wish first to explain those concepts of black hole physics. Then I will introduce my own work on black hole microstates and how their existence could explain black hole entropy, resolve the black hole singularity and remove the information problem.