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Seminario: The LUX Dark Matter Experiment

Ponente: Carmen Carmona, Case Western Reserve Univ.

Lugar: Sala de Seminarios, Departamento Física Teórica y del Cosmos (UGR)

Fecha: 18/12/2012

Hora (24h): 16:00

he Large Underground Xenon (LUX) experiment will operate a 300 kg active region xenon TPC, intended to directly detect the elastic scattering of WIMPs. LUX is designed to be sensitive to a WIMP scattering cross section of 7e-46 cm2 for a WIMP mass of 100 GeV. It will surpass all existing dark matter limits for WIMP masses above 10 GeV within weeks of beginning its science run. LUX has finished the surface run in the Sanford Lab at Homestake, where all systems were extensively tested and characterized in their final configuration, and has recently been deployed underground at the 1480 m level of the Sanford Underground Research Facility. Light and charge signals were calibrated using radioactive sources and muon tracks during a 90-day period of stable cryogenic operation. It marks the first successful use of technologies proposed for tonne-scale detectors, such as water shielding and thermosyphon cryogenics. In this talk, I present the experiment, summarize the surface commissioning phase and describe the current status and future plans.