Lattice 2017 Platinum Sponsor

intel-logo-vector-02As part of this mission Intel believes High Performance Computing (HPC) is critical for discovery and is a key enabler of improving all of our lives with new scientific breakthroughs and better products, delivered to market faster than ever before. To seize these opportunities requires improvements in supercomputing capabilities with balanced performance that overcomes technical barriers on I/O, power, memory, storage and compute. Intel is the leader in expanding what’s possible with innovative new hardware and software products that are at the heart of most HPC clusters today. The HPC community is tackling society’s toughest challenges and Intel’s focus is supporting their innovation by:

  • Breaking Down the Barriers: The Intel Scalable System Framework (Intel® SSF) offers the balanced performance needed to overcome the various technical walls limiting what can be done with today’s supercomputers. Designed to work for small clusters to the world’s largest supercomputers, Intel® SSF provides scalability and balance for both compute- and data intensive applications, as well as artificial intelligence and visualization. The design moves everything closer to the processor to improve bandwidth, reduce latency and allow you to spend more time processing and less time waiting.
  • Driving Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence promises to transform society on the scale of the industrial, technical, and digital revolutions before it. Machines that can sense, reason, and act will accelerate solutions to large-scale problems in myriad of fields, including science, finance, medicine and education, augmenting human capability and helping us to go further, farther, faster. Buoyed by Moore’s Law and fed by a deluge of data, AI is at the heart of much of today’s technical innovation. Intel is leading the way by inventing breakthrough solutions with a portfolio built on best in class technology and optimized software tools and libraries.
  • Building a Stronger Community: Driving discoveries that improve our knowledge of the universe and improves the lives of everyone requires not just great technology tools, but the dedicated effort of scientists, engineers, and developers. Intel is proud of our history of supporting the HPC community by fostering connections across organizations through user groups, open source communities, and standards bodies.