Evenings in Granada

Things to see/to do in your evenings in Granada:

Go to Mirador de San Nicolás: Lookout with unbeatable views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada. The best views are at sunset. Location

Walk in Albayzin: Start at Plaza Nueva and follow the Paseo de los tristes, near Darro river. From there, you can take any of the narrow streets in the left that go up to Albayzin.

Take a tea in Calderería Nueva street:  Caldereria Nueva is a pedestrian street, right in downtown Granada, full of Arab tea houses, Moorish craft shops and stalls. Location

Walk in Sacromonte: The gypsy quarter. It is famous for its traditional “caves”, where they still celebrate their fiestas with flamenco dancing and singing. You can visit the Sacromonte Cave Museum at Location

Take an Arab bath: Visit the hammam Al-Andalus http://www.hammamgranada.com and take a bath. This XIII century building is located at the foot of the Alhambra and behind the Church of Santa Ana, an old mosque. Location

Live music: Check the options at Concerts in Granada

Science Park: Interactive museum dedicated to science. One of the biggest attractions that Granada has for families. More information in Science Park
The Science Park is only 10-15 min walk from the Conference Centre Location

FEX 2017: Extension of the International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada. “Allongside the performances on the Alhambra, and together with the workshops and activities of the Manuel de Falla Courses, the Festival spreads its activities around the entire city and the province of Granada by means of the FEX. There is a wealth of artistic events: soloists and groups with repertories ranging from ancient music to modern music, didactic programmes and family concerts, stage art and disability performances, flamenco, dance, ballet, orchestras, choirs and literary events. The Fex would not be the same without its important Exhibitions which institutions and art galleries organise in conjuction with the Festival.These activities can be checked at FEX2017

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