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Taxis in Granada are white with a green stripe and are not expensive. A ride within the urban area would cost between 5-10 € (night fees slightly more expensive). A taxi from the airport to the city center costs around 28 €.

You can hail a taxi on the street or catch one from one of the many taxi ranks. A green light indicates availability. You can order a taxi calling at Teleradio taxi: +34 958 280 654 (Spanish). More info on TAXIS


The venue can be easily reached from everywhere in Granada using public transportation. Nine different local bus lines have stops at the Conference Centre:

LAC, S1, S2, S3, U3, SN1, SN2, SN3, C7.

An ordinary bus ticket costs 1.20 euros but if you buy a travel card the bus trip would cost you 0.79 euros. The minimum recharge value of a travel card is 5 euros. Buses typically start to run around 7:00 and stop around 23:00-23:30.

For detailed information on the bus lines, timetables and fares, you can check the bus company website Rober local buses (in Spanish) or Granada city buses for information in English. In particular lines itineraries are in Bus lines (Rober) (Spanish) and  Bus lines (English)

There are two types of city (urban) buses in Granada: blue buses (LAC) and red buses. These buses use two different types of ticketing systems, but the same single ticket or travel card is valid on both blue and red buses.


Red Buses – big city buses and small Alhambra/Albaicin/Sacromonte buses

You can buy a single bus ticket or a travel card directly on the bus by paying the driver, or at the vending machines at LAC bus stops. The travel card can also be topped up by the bus driver or at the vending machines. A single ticket or travel card cannot be purchased from newspaper kiosks or tobacconists. Please enter the buses through the front door only and get off through the rear door.

Blue Buses – LAC, high-capacity long buses

lac-busesHere, the story is different. You cannot buy bus tickets from the driver! Single tickets or travel cards have to be purchased at the vending machines next to city bus stops before boarding the bus. You must validate your trip each time you board or change buses by simply placing or swiping the card or ticket (which has a barcode) on the small validating machine or on the bigger vending machine.

There is no need to validate the single ticket after purchasing it at the LAC bus stop. However, you must validate the ticket before boarding LAC bus if you bought the ticket on a red bus.

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