Header - Pacofest2013, A Symposyum Celebrating Paco del Águila 60th Birthday - November 22nd, Granada, Spain

Welcome to PacoFest 2013!

In honor of Paco del Águila, who turns 60 this year, we are holding a one-day celebration on November 22nd in the Salón de Grados, Mecenas Building of the University of Granada.

The purpose of this meeting is to gather a few prominent scientists, friends and collaborators of Paco, who have worked on Particle Physics during the past thirty years. We will discuss their contributions, their understanding of the Standard Model, and their insight to the physics after the LHC.

The event will conclude with a banquet dinner on Friday evening.

For any questions contact us via email: pacofest@ugr.es

You can download the event poster here

Invited Speakers

  • Paul Langacker (IAS, Princeton)
  • Pierre Ramond (University of Florida, Gainesville)
  • Graham Ross (University of Oxford)
  • Fabio Zwirner (Università di Padova)
  • José Bernabéu (Universidad de Valencia)
  • José Luis Cortés (Universidad de Zaragoza)
  • Toni Méndez (IFAE, Barcelona)
  • Ramón Pascual (ALBA Synchrotron, Barcelona)
  • Mariano Quirós (ICREA/IFAE, Barcelona)

Organizers: High Energy Theory Group

  • Juan Antonio Aguilar-Saavedra
  • José Ignacio Illana
  • Manuel Masip
  • Manuel Pérez-Victoria
  • José Santiago