Header - Pacofest2013, A Symposyum Celebrating Paco del Ɓguila 60th Birthday - November 22nd, Granada, Spain


09:30 Opening
F. González Lodeiro Rector of Granada University
F. González Caballero Vice-Dean of Research and International Relations
F. Cornet Director of the Department of Theoretical Physics
M. Masip Organizing Committee
10:00 J. Bernabéu From Z' and T-odd to time-reversal at Granada
10:30 J. L. Cortés Far beyond the standard model: departures from special relativity
11:00 ———————————————— Coffee Break ————————————————
11:30 A. Méndez Paco and me: two intersecting worldlines
12:00 R. Pascual 41 years later
12:30 Impromptu roast of Paco
13:00 ———————————————— Lunch Break ————————————————
16:00 F. Zwirner A new class of N=1 no-scale supergravity models
16:30 M. Quirós The Standard Model in a Warped dimension
17:00 ———————————————— Coffee Break ————————————————
17:30 P. Ramond An Effective Theory of Flavor?
18:00 P. Langacker Physics beyond the MSSM from the top-down
18:30 G. Ross Supersymmetry in the light of the Higgs discovery
19:00 ——————————————————————————————————————
21:00 Social Dinner