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Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars (tapas) near the venue

Below we include a map with restaurants and bars (tapas) near the venue. You can click on the map to have more information about each of those places. Please, note that this is just a selection, and you can find more options for lunch and dinner in the same area. Most of those places also serve coffee and tea.

  • Restaurante Vía Láctea (€€, 4.5/5). Avenida del Mediterráneo (Parque de las Ciencias)
  • Bar Chencho (€, 4.5/5). Avenida Barcelona, 14
  • Cafetería Bar El Rondel (€, 4.5/5). Avenida de Barcelona, 9
  • La Recacha Forum (€, 3/5). Calle José Luis Pérez Pujadas, 7
  • Bar Melero (€, 4/5). Avenida del Mediterráneo, 5
  • El Buen Comer (€, 3.5/5). Calle Emir, 3
  • Bar Porras (€, 4/5). Calle Doctor Creus, 5
  • Restaurante Mesón Rafa (€, 4.5/5). Calle Ribera del Genil, 15
  • Restaurante Asador La Leñera (€€- €€€, 4/5). Paseo Jardín de la Reina, 4
  • Bar restaurante Buteco Tropical (€€- €€€, 5/5). Avenida de Barcelona, 18
  • Restaurante La Platea Granada (€€- €€€, 4/5). Calle José Luis Pérez Pujadas, 9
  • Dikken Meson (€€- €€€, 5/5). Calle Profesor Agustín Escribano, 3
  • Taberna Bardana (€€- €€€, 5/5). Calle Marqués de Mondéjar, 17

Information on all these places is also available in this PDF file.

Types of orders

Menú del día: set menu (usually on weekdays and only for lunch). These are often displayed on boards outside the restaurant. The idea is to choose one dish from the first section as a starter and another from the second section as your main course.

Ración: bigger portion of food. Ordering raciones is a good way to have lunch or dinner with a group, sharing the dishes in the centre of the table.

Tapas: a smaller portion of food, but very famous for being part of the gastronomic culture of Granada.


Granada is one of the few remaining cities in Spain still serving tapas on the house. Most bars in Granada will serve up a free tapa with every drink.

Typically, a tapas bar gives out the same tapas all at once for the first round of drinks, something different for the second round of drinks… In some places you choose from a menu, but usually no more than two different choices per party are allowed. In Granada caña refers to the smallest size for a draft beer (~25cl), tubo is a bigger size (~33cl).

TIP: When a waiter sees you eyeing the menu, they may think you’re going to order food. As in pay for it. So, even if you are planning on ordering something on the menu, WAIT. Order your first round of drinks and wait to receive your complimentary tapas. Then order your food.

TIP: If you like beer, you should not leave Granada without having tried Alhambra 1925 (green bottle).